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Clients and Contractors/Freelancers,
Long-term Partnership

  • Clients

    Are you looking for a specialist? Simply post your job on our website. We compare your requirements with the profiles in our database. If you prefer, you can browse the database yourself and select your favorite. The accurate information in our database and the fact that we know all of our professionals personally enables us to quickly provide a list of possible candidates who perfectly meet your requirements. We then arrange an initial interview between you and each of the prospective candidates. What happens next is up to you. Your satisfaction is very important to us. During the entire process, we will keep in close contact with you to stay informed about the specialist of your choice. We will be glad to be of further assistance to you after process of hiring completion.

  • Contractors/Freelancers

    First, we require contractors and freelancers to provide their CV, qualifications, certificates, references etc. What follows then is an interview. If we receive an inquiry that fits your personal and professional goals we will arrange a first contact with the client. We maintain constant contact during the negotiations and the process and support you through any situation. Once a specific hiring is completed, we will have new interesting offers for you. If we do not immediately find a suitable candidate, we will continue our activities. Keep yourself informed about open prositions with the help of our database and apply directly for a specific job. Your profile is permanently available on the web even when you are engaged in a job. This allows us to keep you up-to-date with new job opportunities and to take further steps upon job completion.

  • Clients and Contractors/Freelancers

    All data and information provided by clients and contractors or freelancers remain anonymous. will only publish excerpts of this information on the web.

  • Long-term Partnership

    We care about your satisfaction and keep in touch throughout the process to make sure that you are content with "your" specialist. Upon completion of a process of hiring, we will be glad to provide further services.