Why work in Dubai?

Dubai has something for everyone. From gentle activities in the sunshine to extreme sports and major professional events - all played out in some of the best sporting facilities in the world

Why should you register your CV on www.TopJobs.md

  • Creating a powerful portfolio

    With competition for jobs reaching unprecedented highs, an effective marketing tool you can wield to outshine your rivals is the portfolio.

  • What is a portfolio?

    A portfolio is an archive of physical evidence that you present during the interview to show that you are qualified for the post you seek

  • Who should use one?

    Traditionally, portfolios were used mostly in the fields of art, education and journalism. But now, portfolios are also becoming popular in other disciplines, providing skeptical employers real-life proof of one's accomplishments and capabilities.

  • What can it do?

    Through concrete examples and instances, specific documents and other verifiable paperwork, a portfolio can provide an overview of your achievements, highlight your experience and training, and showcase your skills and abilities.

  • What can www.TopJobs.md do for me?

    Topjobs.md will provide you with the tools you need to create a powerful and effective portfolio you will need to land the job of your dreams. By improving your webspace on moldovajobs(projects finished, blogs, picture galleries of your works) you give employers more chance of calling you for an interview!

  • Advance Your Career

    If you are serious about your career, you take great pride in the quality of work you do. You enjoy doing tasks assigned to you, even though it means arriving early and working late. You are eager to see your company succeed and to make your bosses proud of you.

    Of course, you do not sacrifice your time and energy for no reason. You want to see yourself succeed by climbing the corporate ladder in the company. You want recognition for the good work that you have done. You want to take part in company decision-making processes. You want to be regarded as important and respectful among co-workers.

    In this era of downsizing and rapid change, how do you stand out from the others? Considering the nature of the work you do, you should be able to figure out that long working hours without desirable results will not impress your bosses. Working hard is something essential, but working smart is much more rewarding for knowledge workers like you.

    According to the experts, employees who want to advance their career must be motivated and enthusiastic - they must voluntarily ask for more responsibility, eager to learn on their own time and to be trained, keep up with new developments in their field, take on difficult projects, keep track of their results, have a strong will for self-improvement, willing to cooperate with others, know how to handle multiple jobs and yet specialize in one of them, know how to deal with different personality types, and they do a lot of networking for themselves as well as for their company.

  • Let us take a closer look at some of the criteria mentioned here

    Our Success Stories.

    "We are a fairly new branch of our company based in Bucharest, Romania. We do find your company very efficient and user friendly. We also find your staff very accommodating. More power to your company and we hope to do more business with you in the future"
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    www.Topjobs.md my great friend!!! I am only certain of one thing in my life. I know what I love to do, and I do what I love to do. And at this point in my life I love what I do. I never do it to make a lot of money. I do it to make a living. And in doing so, I am making my life. What Im saying here is that my job became my friend, my fortune, and my great love.

    www.topjobs.md este reteta succesului in a gasi echipa potrivita si performanta. Imediat ce am apelat aici am primit suportul necesar. Mi-am gasit echipa de care sunt mindra. Aici am gasit oameni care sa fie complementari. Si, foarte important, oameni care sa poata face doua lucruri: sa se asculte unii pe altii si sa si asume riscuri. Daca vrei sa gasesti oameni de acest tip, atunci intra pe www.topjobs.md si vei gasi in cea mai mare baza de date echipa ce iti va asigura succesul.
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