HR Topics
  • HR's Role in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

    The world is a smaller place thanks to the Internet, global trading and new communication and technology advances. More U.S. companies are expanding overseas, and now manage a global workforce that has unique benefits, rules/laws, and different languages and currencies. With this global expansion comes a "responsibility."

  • Preparing for Recession

    Take a look at your strategic plan, your mission statement, vision statement, values, and annual goals. Is your strategic framework sufficiently articulated to help you make it through a serious downturn? Has it been sufficiently communicated to your employees so they are not afraid, they trust their leadership, and they feel they are headed in a shared, positive direction?

  • Reinventing HR from Classroom to Boardroom

    Ken Hammonds' Fast Company article, "Why We Hate HR," sent shockwaves through the HR community. Among the scathing reviews of the current state of HR, Hammonds quoted a college professor who stated, "The best and the brightest don't go into HR." Pretty harsh words, especially when practitioners are trying to reinvent HR.

  • How Real Women Get Ahead: The Woman's Advantage at Work

    Forget what you've heard about "being one of the boys," "having it all," and "going for the jugular." Here is how real women get ahead.

  • Why Human Resources Leaders Need Degrees

    Human Resources leaders need degrees. If you are considering a career in Human Resources, or trying to advance your current career, a Bachelors degree, and even a Masters degree, will assist you to achieve your goals and dreams.