Networking during the Holiday Season

During the Holidays, its a good time to renew acquaintances, see former colleagues and friends, and expand your social network. If you are looking for new opportunities or know of open positions, let this be part of the conversation. Let former co-workers, colleagues and mentors tactfully know you're job hunting and ask them to connect you with prospective employers. If your organization has an open position, or you know of other job leads, be sure to mention the potential opportunity.

And don't forget to follow-up! Did you meet someone at a recent professional association get together? Send them an email to thank them for the chat and ask them to let you know of relevant job openings. Better still, ask them to introduce you to people in their network that may have a job lead or could open doors at prospective employers.

Expand your social network and you expand your employment potential!

Source: © The Career Exposure Network™